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Sculpted Art

Photo: Redivivus. Our Gallery, entrance, panoramic wide angle view


In Redivivus we host some very special sculpted works of art, inspired by light.
On the left: "The Sound Of Music" moving white light, on the right "Walk through Silk", one prim sculpture
Photos below: "Forever Changing" a series of lights that change in color and in shapes in time.


Sample screen shots of " Forever Changing" , many different time frames. Shapes are always different, and, also color will slowly shift and change to make a full circle in all colors or rainbow. Those works can also be used as lighting units, as they emit light, of the corresponding color ( means their light has the color of sculpture and changes in time as sculpture changes)

At times, we host works of other creators, Please visit our Gallery to explore all works exhibited.

Wall Hangings

Photo: Redivivus Art Gallery. One of the six exhibition rooms, panoramic wide angle view.

In Redivivus we also host some selected works of art, that are transfered inworld with the ultimate care to detail. All textures have a special digital processing to retain inworld their accuracy to the maximum extent possible. Final textures uploaded are 1024 pixels in size, digitally enhanced. No "blurry" frames, not a single pixel of inaccurate or noisy color. Crystal sharp. Colorful. Vibrant. Accurate. Perfect! In one word, REAL! :)


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