Tropical Island TI-Series

Our very simple and economic series, build with one thing in mind: Low prim count.

Photo: Off Sim Set Ti2, Offsim demonstration. Location: My Paradise

All sets in Sim Expand series, are designed in such a way,that can be placed outside your land limits,far away at deep sea, that surrounds your sim, so that it adds an interesting view instead of just water without wasting a single inch from your land. Your entire land remains available to build your house, garden, beach...
How Is This Possible: All pieces in this construction are linked with a primary prim that remains invisible and phantom ( as if not existing at all ) This primary invisible prim is linked in such a way, that remains at your land border, while "pushing" the entire visible parts far away in deep waters, in places you cannot normally build, cannot even walk there ( outside SIM physical limits )

Our best sellers in this series:

The top seller: 2 rocks, island, 10 trees forest, tiki hut construction & the Legendary real waves all in just 9 prims.
Not one tree, not the tiki hut alone, ALL of it, ass seen in picture , including everything and waves :)


Our economic models that will not block your land with tall objects, but will enhance your open sea view. Low prim, low price!

>> Click to Visit Real Waves Main Store ( 3 sims )
You can see exact sim limits, how far away this construction can be placed and the view from the beach, and if this gives you a warm feeling THEN maybe buy :) See, what we are trying to do here is AMAZING and UNREAL prim economy, but this is supposed to happen without loosing beauty :)

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