THE DOME How to setup

How to setup

  • Drag the rezzer from your inventory and drop it to the land/sea where you need to create the entire dome.
Has the "shape" of a circle, to show you the center where it will rez the object.
Move the rezzer , so that the general position is the place where you want the item built  (the height you want in the sky).
No worries, you can later accurately fix in detail the position, where you want item placed.

  • Menu appears automatically. If it does not, click on rezzer. Select the "REZ" button. You will see the entire construction is beginning to be assembled right there where you have the rezzer. May take a few seconds to finish building.
*** RARE, but it happens: IF you see the entire structure was build wrong for some reason ( i.e. "laggy" moment ) you can click the "De-Rez" button. This will force delete of all elements. Then, Rez again.

  •  (OPTIONAL ) If you want to change position or rotate the built to "fine-tune" its location/position,  do NOT move the built parts, move the rezzer instead:
Right click on rezzer and EDIT rezzer,  you can rotate the rezzer,  move  the rezzer up and down , left and right,  and within a few seconds you ll see the entire built follows! ( will move at the same way you move the rezzer ) . When built is at correct position, close the Edit window .

  • On the rezzer menu click button "SAVE"  You should receive a message saying that built item saved. Click OK to dismiss the message window. Built is now at its final position and fully functional :)

You will find in the box all additional boxes of tiki hut construction, bridge, NaturalMotion tree set, beach chairs, campfire, and 5 prim raft. All copy versions, some may have their own help note cards with tips and instructions. Please read them before use.

All accessories are sold separately in case you want to buy only things you like, and not all suggested. Please visit our sims to explore all REAL Creations.
TIP: Before buying a house to use with The dome, please MAKE SURE the house fits in available space! take special attention to house height as tall houses with many floors, will not fit.

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