IKoNoS Instructions and Info

Instructions and Info

Visually expand your sim
Adds coral reefs visual effect beyond the limits of your sea expanding the feeling of open sea around your island.
Apart from those far distant reefs, the main area (center) is filled with coral reef, so that your beach should also get this tropical paradise effect.

Imaginary used is composed of genuine satellite images, provided by N.A.S.A. . True is always better than any "painted" fake effect! ;)

The largest version ( 1024 meters ) is surrounding our main store, placed at height 20.015 meters. It is recommended to lower after rez, just below the sea level, in case that the AUTOMATED script may fail to accurately position the  effect. Normally, you do NOT need to edit height, its all taken care, you only need to REZ AT SEA , not land, not shore near sea.

When first rezzed, comes with typical intensity/colors presets, but , there is a built in MENU, that will allow you to FULLY customize, and find the combination that's best for you. Click directly on sea to select texture and change intensity, or even color palette. Note: Menu works for OWNER only! ;) You will see a rich variety of options to play with :D All options and all combinations, work with presets, meaning we have studied all possible combinations and offer you with just a click options that look GOOD, new menu V4 is designed for EASY OPERATION and immediate results, is designed with user in mind, you will not have to get into endless effort until you find the one unique combination that YOU like best and will give you the sea of YOUR dreams :)
Feel free to play around, until you find the perfect setting for your own personal preferences!

Note: The reset menu button will give you the option to reset script and ( most important ) to reload all default settings, in case u been wandering around i menu options changing settings and found  your self lost :))

Inside the box, different versions, all COPY,  to cover different needs in size. Versions NAME specifies the size of each in meters. Smaller one ( 100 m) are suitable for SHORE LINES and larger ( 200+ ) are for half sim or entire sim.

WARNING: Large versions are for EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY. It is not easy to move a huge item, if you are not feeling sure, please call an experienced friend to help you with REZ, or even send a note card to Antreas Alter.
Will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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