Megaprims cause hell of a Lag ?
Yes they do cause lag.

When SIM server CPU has to calculate COLLISIONS with megaprims.
Or even worse, when collisions happen with objects set as PHYSICAL ( Sadly, some waves vendors do sell waves with prims set as physical! )

Collisions happen when things bump on megaprims, collision calculations happen when megaprims are used as floors and avatars walk on them. For each  step an avatar takes on a megaprim, and each time avatar’s shoe touches the floor, the SIM server CPU goes a bit hotter so to speak. In the worse case of a physical object, there are MORE calculations need done after collision, regarding movement of both objects after collision happens. ( ie something pushes an avatar, and due to this collision avatars position and movement will be affected, also prim's projectory will be affected... aka lots of math :D

  • Megaprims in our waves:
So, how come we use megaprims in our waves, and still this open space SIM ( aka reduced capabilities sim) has NO LAG AT ALL? …Even though we have rezzed hundreds of them?
All our megaprims used in waves, are set to PHANTOM.
Phantom means that in terms of physics, ( collisions) those huge objects simply do NOT exist for the calculations mathematical engine!. No calculations ever happen for collisions with phantom objects.

Its as if this wave object don’t exist at all, this is how you can WALK THROUGH our waves, or even – god forbid- even swim in them hehehehe

  • Megaprims in our other products
We have set to phantom as explained above all megaprims used in trees, huge trees, sculpted arrangements of trees, flowers, rocks etc. In one case, of one product, The Dome, and Island complete, we have chosen to give priority to amazing low prim count ( ie for a skybox that can be rezzed in a land with 5 prims only ad a complete island with furniture, house and tree forest 29 prims) , so we have set to non phantom the prim used for walking. May this be the only megaprim used for walking in your sim ;)

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