TREES Prim magic set of 5 trees

General info card
(comes with the boxed version complete set, applies to models bought alone, not boxed)

Thank you for buying  Real Tropical Palm Tree

V2 , Released February 2009:
Not just any palm tree, as they go in five's lol And every set of 5 palm trees, is just 2 prims. Meaning under 1 prim per tree, now you can rez AS MANY AS YOU WANT on your land, without thinking prims ;)

In the pack, the smaller tree set, height 10 meters, AND the larger, based on sculpted megaprims, sized 20 meters. Both copy versions :)

For their textures: PROFESSIONAL textures were used, not an freebie blurry textures like many tree vendors, the result is the most sharp clear realistic leaves you can possibly find in SL ;)  Can watch from close view without loosing their sharpness and realism. Try THAT with
other palm trees vendors ;) Zoom in! :))

  • TIP: After rezing, you may want to lower a bit, so that bottom of their logs is hidden underground, like the example shown in store. This way, it looks more real. You may also want to rez a stone at their root ( not shown in store to avoid misunderstanding of whats in the pack )

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