OCEAN GLOW How to setup

How to setup

  • 1. REZ
ATTENTION!!!  Rez at SEA. Do NOT rez on land, as the auto height position script, fails positioning objects "below" land.

Normally, height position of the effect is automatically sorted during rez on your sea. If you are happy with height ( look at any shoreline ) you should only edit and position left - right , where you want it ( not change height, the blue axis ) If you think height is wrong, touch it ( menu appears ) Select  "Auto Height" Should detect once more sea level and re-position the glow. If still unhappy ( sl CAN be buggy ) you can manually edit, and change its height ( slightly move up or down )

  • 3. MENU
V4 comes with a NEW scripted menu allowing you to fully customize looks, according to your own personal preferences. Click ( touch ) the ocean glow, menu appears. Note: Menu works for OWNER only! ;) You will see a rich variety of options to play with :D All options and all combinations, work with presets, meaning we have studied all possible combinations and offer you with just a click options that look GOOD, new menu V4 is designed for EASY OPERATION and immediate results, is designed with user in mind, you will not have to get into endless effort until you find the one unique combination that YOU like best and will give you the sea of YOUR dreams :) Play with colors, intensity, glow light, shapes and all options for a while, better see all different options, and pick the one YOU liked best :)

  • 4.RESET
The reset button will give you the option to reset script and ( most important ) to reload all default settings, in case u been wandering around i menu options changing settings and found  your self lost :))

  • 5. SE ( Special Edition )
In Builder's pack only, you will find SE versions. Those are cut so that the center of the prim is located at its edge, meaning you can move the ENTIRE effect as far as you want, even entirely outside your sim's physical border ( end of sim ). The entire effect can be expanded beyond the limits of your sim.

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