REQUEST for custom services

Please fix my sim.. my land..  I want your land textures , i need you to fix the waves on the land etc  etc

We are not terraformers, not because we hate you and don’t want to work with you, but simply because me , my love ( Luise in RL ) our  son and our partners in …crime , we all are VERY busy in our real lives, leaving us zero free time. I personally have to work 12 hours a day as a designer in real world, it’s a very demanding job ( that does not pay THAT well I Greece lol )

What we can do, we already done: equipped our waves and visual effects with a simple mechanism that will take care of the most important part in fixing the waves on your sea: the ACCURATE height adjustment. When rez, they will adjust their height, til in perfect alignment with your sea level. Feel free to edit the wave and move  fron-back , left-right until you find the perfect location for your waves combinations. But, do NOT move up-down, and do NOT rotate! Just slide here and there til you find a good position for each wave you rez ( ie overlapping each other, read the relevant note card ) we have made it for you as easy as possible, that we could do and already done.

do not ask me to terraform your island, makes me sad to refuse explaining why, makes me sad when I cant help, been asked a hundred times so i thought to put those few lines  here…

In case you need badly those textures, all textures I use are purchased from image banks, either dreamstime or shutterstock. Feel free to explore all those cheap image banks that are out there, I m sure if you have patience to run though 100 pages or more you WILL find even BETTER textures to add even more realism to your land. Remember when you are looking for textures:  Real is always a bit imperfect, a bit random, a bit dirty lol. Those are the elements adding  realism. Don’t look for the perfect shiny sand, look for a sand that has some dirty spots, that is not perfectly shaped, that has a bit of random lines here and there. Perfection is plastic, plastic I hate …just a small tip to help you in your journey :)

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