PRICING and wise spending money

About pricing, about what YOU need and wise spending money

Do we call you to spend a fortune on adding realism if your second life?
No. just see our prices. They are such that will allow all you to SWITCH from your old primmy blurry fake waves ,  to real waves.

We could set the price of ocean wave to 1200 L and still be within reason for a top quality product. Or even to 700 and maybe all you call us cheap for such a product. See competitors prices…  there ARE  waves out there costing 1400, 1700..  I  think  I have seen some prices near 2500 or something.. REAL WAVES price is starting from 199 and 299, so that you CAN buy 3 types instead of one and mix combine them on your sea adding realism, so that you CAN get rid of old "primmy" waves and switch to REAL :)

And no, you DON’T need ALL our models :)  
It all depends on the style you want your environment to have. Will it be wild nature?  You like that kind of inspiration? Will it be a calm tropical beach with spots of vividness? Will it be just a simple beach shore line used for swimming? Yes, you can buy JUST one shore line wave( either Mediterranean our new 5 waves in just one prim shoreline wave) and be all setup and ready for a simple summer swimming beach.

Last, I am going to confess our sin… Ik0n0s tropical waters effects should be priced a bit lower, even though those are equipped with an advanced script supporting their operation and numerous variations. Yes, we do sell those a bit expensive.  Well… allow us one and single sin :) We don’t want those spread everywhere all over SL, call it a  creator’s kinky vice :)

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