WAVES and Lag

1. About SL waves and their scripts causing Lag

Well i take it you been visiting other stores looking for the best waves :)
Sometimes best for a customer is defined by the most realistic, overlooking other things that may be so very important in your everyday second life experience pleasure. What we all hate , what we dont want in our houses , in our stores, in our lands, is LAG.
If you been visiting other stores, you may already have a feeling of heavy lag environment, and you may already have noticed a big difference here ;)

Yes, we are VERY proud of all 3  things

First, most important, the NATURALLY FLUID motion, What we call NaturalFlow.
Not just "smooth" animation, but totally NATURAL motion variations.

Second, the absolute wet realism of textures, digitally remastered and enhanced in such ways that retain inwold the realism we desire.

Third..  the reason we calling you to read this note hehehehehe :)
We are VERY proud of the scripts used in both weather control for waves and environment control for Ocean Glow and Ik0n0s. All those  scripts used in waves will be using the minimum measured CPU time, meaning those will be probably the less CPU intensive scripts on your land. If you have estate tools, you can verify that resources used by those scripts are 0.01

Since you probably have already in mind the LAG amount in other places, you can COMPARE with here! Simple Plain Facts of Truth ;)
Our main store is hosted on an OPEN SPACE SIM ( You know ,  those  homestead sims that run on shared servers, and are NOT intended for demanding applications )

…well, as you can see, we have rezzed a ton of waves down at the land AND up at the show room. We have also rezzed a ton of visual effects and waves splashes.
Do you have ANY lag visiting our inworld store?
Can you move around smoothly?

IF there was the SLIGHTEST issue about lag increasing by our waves, it  should be IMPOSSIBLE  for you to  walk around  and fly with ALL those rezzed ;)
Think: 2 thousands of our objects laying down in main sim "My Paradise" , not ANYWHERE NEAR what expected to rez in a residential sim ;)

Yes, we are VERY  proud of our scripts. All measured, retested, re optimized, and again measured,  BEFORE put on sale inside the waves ?
…Not easy to find creators that do pay attention to DETAIL
But , you know, detail is what makes the BIG difference :)
DETAIL is what makes the difference between good, realistic, and the Absolute.
The REAL :)

…   Enjoy!

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