Beach Furniture

Photo realistic original beach furniture sets and accessories by Real
Many, different, complete sets of low prim beach furniture, varying from lounge chairs, stools, umbrellas, small tables, up to complete sets like raft, tiki hut and matching furniture and even more complete building constructions like OFF SIM complete sets (see out dedicated sections, Prim Magic, Off Sim sets and off sim waves ) Additionally, 3 different families of beach plants and Palm trees, the widest collection to choose from. It's impossible to document all this variety here, in just a website page. They are presented in corresponding sections in this website, but also all rezzed decorating all our 3 sims. You can easily choose beach furniture in our main outdoors furniture store ( Prim Magic ) and other beach accessories at the dedicated stores and the showroom in the sky of our sims. Please visit our locations inworld to explore everything :)

Photo: Example beach setup. Location: " Mountains Of Creta"

No matter what you like best, you can rest sure all items are of the highest quality! Original 3D designers concepts, original textures, with photo realistic digital processing to add realism and dimension perception, low prims, in most cases only one prim, superior animated sit - not static frozen poses- for you and your friends, and scripted functionality with measured and tested low lag!

Photo: Example beach setup. Location: The Dome, SIM: Real Trees Rocks

Best seller:
Inspired by Real Designers beach lounge chair, tribal tiki furniture.
Beach lounge chair, with multi sit script and many different animations embedded  ( not static poses! )

Offered in 5 different colors (including  orange tiki wood of original photo) and a really low price :)

Best seller: Inspired by Real Designers beach furniture sets, modern loungers with multi sit script
and many different animations inside ( not static poses ! ).  Scripted, menu controlled, no sit-balls used ;)

All sets come with matching beach umbrellas!  Models with script changing colors available.

You can see all live, inworld.
Enjoy the original Real quality creations!

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