Real Splash™

Splashing Water Spray Effect.

Not yet another splashing effect, but REAL wet look and feel.

Now, 4 different types of REAL splashing effects for waves in the box.
Combines perfectly with ocean waves (image above) and rocks, to give the ultimate feeling of sea thats alive!

real waves
splashing foam
particles effects!

For this effect we use one prim, the "emitter" that can be hidden inside a rock (like our on store example setup) or, if its located in visible spot, it can be re sized to very very small and his  transparency set to 90% transparent making it invisible even from close view.

For this purpose, the emitter prim is sold modify

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Videos of Real waves

Still photography and video, cannot fully describe any 3D product, especially when it comes with interactive scripted functionality and animation, color or other characteristics that changes in time.
Our small videos will give you just a hint of what "does it look like" in 3D viewer

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