Who We Are

Behind names,

nicknames or avatars, there are people.
Behind "Real Prims" and all its subdivisions,
behind "Real Waves Trees Furniture"
there is a bunch of ...lunatics with passion!

Passionate with and inspired by the idea of bringing to (second) life,  things with the ultimate care.
Things that will look real, feel real, and will make all you feel they are real.

"Real" stands for EXCELLENCE. Not just good, but, best possible transfer of real world into Second Life®.

                                  Photographer, Photoshop® Artist.
   Antreas.    Specializing in Commercial Photography and digital imaging. Our Photoshop® guru! :)

                                  Photographer. Specializing in nature, landscape.
     Chriss.     He's the one we send out in the wild hunting the perfect light at 7AM in the morning :P

                                  Designer. Graphic Arts, Architecture.
 Odysseus.    Specializing in 3D modeling, the soul and heart of all our innovations.

                                   Le Boss :) Marketing and Advertising expert.
      Luise.      Specializing in visual communications and marketing psychology. Just call her "Boss" :D

                                  Coder. Specializing in lsl (among others!)
       Revi.   We would not be anything without the person speaking English and the 010010110 language :))

OK if you read that far, you deserve to get some inside gossip ...err meant "info" :)
Odysseus is happily married to Luise for 20 years, been living and working together ever since, Antreas is their son. They also have a much younger daughter, she's also been traveling in virtual worlds, but just for the fun of game.
Its not just family, its friends too, since they met Chriss on the net long time ago. A good friend now and valuable partner.
Revi...   well well.... Revi remains a bit of a mystery still, due to the so many thousands of miles separating them :)

Miracles of internet, miracles of virtual worlds..  bringing close, people living at the ...opposite sides of planet! :)

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