What's New

The Dome

Skybox, but, box no more!

We are proud to present, The Dome!

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Off Sim Rocks Barrier

Naturally curved by sea waves and time, in only ONE prim, the new rock barriers

Come with matching custom oceanic waves splashing on them & calmer waves for your shore, and go beyond sim land limits!

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Aegean Off Sim Waves

Aegean Off Sim Oceanic & Archipelago Waves. The ultimate feeling of True Nature!

2 different families, wilder windy and agitated foamy sea, or calmer romantic, relaxing. Both of amazing beauty! Both Real!

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Mediterranean Shore Waves V3

Waves Collection 2010 is here!

The New Mediterranean Shore Waves V3, part of our Collection 2010, come with amazing realism and features for Your beach!

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Ik0NoS Updated!

The Linden® sea waters changed.
And will not be the same, ever again!

Visual effects updated with new features and its here to give amazing beauty to the vast open sea surrounding your land!

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