RocklineBarrier RB-Series

New series, based on our offsim Aegean waves ( one prim waves that can go offsim, also offered as stand alone ) AND, new special one prim sculpts for the rock barrier.

Ultimate realism, a work of nature, wind and sea water, naturally curved rocks in just one prim! A prim, that has off-sim technology in its design. Result: a link set of Aegean wave and rock barrier, that can be placed offsim WITHOUT the need of an invisible root prim that stays  inside land limits!

Low height design, that will not BLOCK your view , on the contrary, will enhance your view to the open sea :)
You have to visit our main store sims, explore all of them, see and feel it!

Total realism, total nature, total beauty. Offered in 2 types, straight line and curved shape, both can be combined and give you a variation of rock formations in endless miles :)

What just 2 prims can do: A small miracle, in ...HUGE dimensions :))

Enjoy another brand new creation by RealWaves! :)

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