Ocean waves

The Legendary Real Waves, model Ocean Wave.

Ocean Waves with NaturalFlow™

Christmas day, December 25 2008.

The first copy of a new, different ocean wave was in the "lab" for weeks. But, that day, the last sculpt map was uploaded for testing inworld.

And everyone went "wow!..."  *

Yes, there was a "secret" in Real Waves. Natural Motion Flow Dynamics!
What made Real Waves truly unique, except their real textures, was the chaotic natural flow, recreating a true LIQUIDS movement as described in laws of physics. This always separated Real Waves from all other competitors with waves spinning like crazy making people dizzy :) Natural Motion Flow Dynamics will now make your open sea AND shore waves look like in reality.

Until even today,

and to the best of our knowledge,

NO OTHER DESIGNER/CREATOR could embed this "realism bit"

in "similar" swirly / foamy / turning and spinning round waves,

that do ...everything,  except from the self-explanatory:

waters flow in a natural dynamics way :)

Our total BEST SELLER comes in variety of types and sizes, all in just 1 prim.

When when combined will give you endless miles of constantly changing wild ocean foam.


QUESTION: HOW waves can look different when covering huge shorelines in our sim " Mountains Of Creta" ?

ANSWER: Look at image above: half a mile shorelines with rocks, only one ocean wave used, and foams texture looks different in different parts. Plus, if you visit the sim, you caan see texture "changes" in time, looks different at different times! You don't "see" the time change happens,its happening very slowly! Textures, will change in time, in a natural way,  not in "fake scripted" way that not only looks unreal, but ugly and annoying too. Ocean Waves texture is designed in such a way (in combination with controller script running inside the prim) that when several waves are rezzed one next to another one overlapping another, textures "mix" creating endless combinations. Furthermore, script takes care that those combinations are forever changing in a natural way ;)

You can achieve foams shape changing in time, if you combine OVERLAPPING and PARTIALLY HIDDEN waves, exactly like what following guide shape shows below:

* PS: Comment of the FIRST person to see one live inworld, our coder, Revi:  " COOL AS HELL ! "

Enjoy! :)

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Still photography and video, cannot fully describe any 3D product, especially when it comes with interactive scripted functionality and animation, color or other characteristics that changes in time.
Our small videos will give you just a hint of what "does it look like" in 3D viewer

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