Prim Magic™

In Spring of 2009, a "revolution" happened in Second Life®

Revolution started with this:

and this:

Until that day, 1 sculpted pillow = 1 prim.
As of that day, 1 prim = 8 different sculpted pillows, all fine positioned in their final locations.
All revolutions in world, have ...explosive characteristics :D
First explosion brought in life 6 full sculpted palm trees with organic barks of amazing shapes, all 6 trees, complete, just 2 prims!

Technology developed leading to more and more separate pieces, using just one prim
But, all that is nothing compared to the very last explosion!
The latest ( Fall 2009 ) experimental project, reaching a hundred and more pieces in just one prim!

Thick woods sustaining the entire construction. Many separate floor wood planks. And THE roof of all this. More than 100 pieces of real wood, and an amazingly realistic transfer inworld of REAL ARCHITECTURE.
Prim count: 1

You want to "touch your finger" to believe, right? :)
Yes, you can see this live and believe :) You can see all live in our 3 sims!

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