Reefs with Waves

Wild Oceanic Waves WO-Series

Part of our designs collection 2010, released September 1 2009
We are very proud to present

Off Sim Oceanic Waves

Based in huge megaprims that are then sculpted to wave's shape, and with all new technologies found in our Mediterranean latest V3,  those huge waves will cover an entire sim with just a handful of prims:

Similar to our Aegean Off Sim Waves series, but, this time, wild foamy waters will decorate your off sim sea, beyond the sim limits, where normally its only empty sea water.

Like Aegean series, one prim only! Read about all features off offsim waves and Compare different models or,
click here to see everything about their ...relaxing, calmer brother :)

Photos above, are form our SHOWROOM platform in sim  "My Paradise", where you can see all models separately, one next to another, and choose with confidence the types you like best for Your paradise!

Enjoy quality from Real Waves!



Part of our designs collection 2010, released September 1 2009
We are very proud to present

The Coral Reefs

Based in REAL aerial photo of atoll, simply because nature is the best artist!
Brought to life with custom sculpt maps for the chosen atoll shape.
Materialized with original imaginary of atoll, digitally enhanced and edited to better fit inworld demanding specifications.
Our vision was to retain all grounds shape detail with carefully designed 3D object, and keep it one prim. Not have to use a second one, and still achieve best possible ground detail.
Result is astonishing!

low prim
natural shapes
custom waves

Also offered in a variation with curved sea rocks instead of original imaginary of atoll, this variation is MATCHING with all our off sim rocks and waves, and all our off sim rock barriers. Can be used in large lands / sims to create a seamless off sim adventure for the eyes :)

No matter what is your personal preference, you have a real work of nature, brought inworld with ultimate care to detail, from design concept until texturing digital processing. All stages done with the ultimate respect to our visions, result makes us all proud!
Enjoy another genuine design by nature and quality product by Real Prims :)


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