Tropical Island Complete

All you see...


...a sculpted island, FULLY equipped with ALL those
that will give you the warm tropical feeling

and everything, in just 29 prims!! :)

Yes!   The whole thing, not just tree at the forest!!! :))
Everything you see at the photo above, is total 29 prims!

A small forest of palm trees,

a complete Tiki Hut

with pillows where you and your friends can sit chat and enjoy the view,

logs on fire that will warm your sunset even more,

and beach furniture with amazing low prims.

Even a tiki bridge to connect this island with the rest of your parcel. See, it is meant to rez on sea, and maybe be connected with a bridge to dry land lol. Sure you can do with is whatever you want , even rez in a SKYBOX , high at sky ;)

Comes in 2 versions, and in box you will find both. One version is total 29 prims! Yes, the whole thing! :) Every tree of the forest, complete tiki hut AND all furniture. Everything. This is Prim Magic :)

All photos you see here are from that version, the just 29-prim-total, the one we call "lite". The second version, the one called "full" is not many prims more ....actually just 10 prims more. But with the help of those 10 extra prims we have a forest of more than 60 palm trees and different furniture, more stylish less wild nature :)  Its all up to you to finally use the one you like best. After all there is no prim limits to worry for with any of them ;)

Last but not least, the entire sculpted island has a special design that gives ABSOLUTE walking surface ACCURACY. Many thanks to our ...partner in crime and brilliant mind Aleric Inglewood  for his studies on this sculpt and allowing the use on this island

You walk on the surface of the island and not a bit higher on the air or legs sink a bit deeper in the sand. And all this without the help of extra invisible prims ( aka walk helpers )   Yes, you can get your feet wet if you walk towards the sea :))

Prim Magic

What is it: In example, until today, 1 sculpted prim = 1 pillow. As of today, 1 sculpted prim = 8 sculpted pillows, fine positioned at their final locations in a composite construction

How is this possible: Done with CUSTOM sculpted prims for each construction, specially designed for maximizing prim efficiency and this way create an amazing low prim composition with 1/10 th of usual sculpted prims required normally for this construction. Sometimes even less :))

What does it mean to YOU:
Means SAVING money. Prim usage IS money in SL. Replacing some of your old fashioned "primmy" items with new prim magic can save you hundreds of prims. Equaling in thousands of L$ in long term... ...or even -God forbit- stop worrying "do i have more free prims??" and DO rez that wonderful "X" thing u loved at first sight and bought for your home :)

Cherry on top of the pie, YES you CAN see the actual thing rezzed inworld BEFORE you buy  ;)
See all Real waves and beach accessories inworld at our main store:

>> Click to Visit Real Waves Main Store ( 3 sims )

You can walk on it, walk inside the tropical tiki hut, have a sit, see the view from inside, and if this gives you a warm feeling THEN maybe buy :) See, what we are trying to do here is AMAZING and UNREAL prim economy, but this is supposed to happen without loosing beauty :)

* Updated with 12 avatar animated sits at the tiki hut. ( prims remains the same )

Enjoy another fine quality creation by Real Prims :)

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