SeaRocks SR-Series

SIM EXPAND Series / models SR
by Antreas Alter and REAL™

...Many many asymmetrical sea rocks
naturally carved by the sea and time
and the Legendary RealWaves™ crashing on them

and everything, in just 4 prims!! :)

The WHOLE thing, not just ...the ocean waves :)) EVERYTHING you see at the photo above, is TOTAL 4 prims!

This has a low height design, so that it will not block your view and will let you keep an open horizon feeling.

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All sets in Sim Expand series, are designed in such a way, that can be placed outside your land limits, far away at deep sea, that surrounds your sim, so that it adds an interesting view instead of just water without wasting a single inch from your land. Your entire land remains available to build your house, garden, beach...
How Is This Possible: All pieces in this construction are linked with a primary prim that remains invisible and phantom ( as if not existing at all ) This primary invisible prim is linked in such a way, that remains at your land border, while "pushing" the entire visible parts far away in deep waters, in places you cannot normally build, cannot even walk there ( outside SIM physical limits )

Photo: Sculpted Sea Rocks. Cliff from above. Location: Mountains Of Creta

When you should NOT use any type of off-land-limits sets: -When at the opposite side there is not OFF-SIM open sea, but, some other person's land property. In this case, talk to the other land owner before placing on his water any object. Of course, you can place a decorative "off-sim" creation, inside your land limits too. Does not HAVE TO be placed outside your borders. CAN decorate a part, a corner of your property

prim magic
What is it: In example, until today, 1 sculpted prim = 1 rock. As of today, 1 sculpted prim = 5 sculpted rocks, fine positioned at their final locations in a composite construction
How is this possible: Done with CUSTOM sculpted prims for each construction, specially designed for maximizing prim efficiency and this way create an amazing low prim composition with half of usual sculpted prims required normally for this construction. Sometimes even less :))

Cherry on top of the pie, YES you CAN see the actual thing rezzed inworld BEFORE you buy anything ;)  See all Real waves and beach accessories inworld at our main store

>> Click to Visit Real Waves Main Store ( 3 sims )

Photo: Sculpted Sea Rocks set SR2. View from the beach, sunset. Location: Real Trees Rocks

You can see exact sim limits, how far away those constructions can be placed and the view from the beach, and if this gives you a warm feeling THEN maybe buy :) See, what we are trying to do here is AMAZING and UNREAL prim economy, but this is supposed to happen without loosing beauty :)

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