Off Sim Waves

Our latest waves innovation ( September 2009 ) included a special design in 3D waves, so that when imported inworld,
objects could go far away,  outside sim limits ( off sim ), without the help of a linked phantom invisible root prim. The wave itself, just one prim, has this feature embedded! All out newest series, can expand your land visual area, and make your land look larger, by placing objects where normally cannot walk, rez or build anything, off sim limits, where empty sea is.

Aegean Off Sim Waves:

Comes in 2 families, calmer relaxing waves, and wilder archipelago waves:

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Aegean are based in megaprims, so you can have amazing prim economy! Just one prim per wave, recommended 3 or 4 waves overlapping each other for the most realistic result. See examples below:

*red line indicates sim limits, demonstrates off sim position example.

>>Real All details About Aegean Series

Mediterranean V3
Based on the same concept sculpt maps (object shapes) are our newest Mediterranean V3 family of shore waves.

Both come loaded with features and innovations, among them is the multiple textures, that will make your shore look even more real. The same wave, one prim, will produce different textures hitting the shore at different times:

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Reef Off Sim Waves
Last, but not least, the wild Archipelago reef waves, that comes in dual prim concept, one prim visualizing foam motion and another prim visualizing water flow. Another innovative idea that many of you loved, now in 3 different variations that will offer you a wilder oceanic waters:

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