Mediterranean V2

Updated in
August 2009,

shore waves,
come with:
- 1 Prim design
May be looking like 2 prims, one bringing in the wave from open sea to the shore and one with water returning back to the open sea, but , both those waves, are embedded in just one prim.

- New geometries
SEVERAL geometries that will follow YOUR beach shape closely no matter how ...unusual terraforming! Except of the typical straight line shore design, new geometries with various curving from -30 to +30 degrees are now available! 
AND, all models are compatible to each other, meaning you can rez one next to another, slightly overlapping , and create the exact shape of your beach with waves that work as one and will look as one, in good sync.

-Amazing white foam shapes and textures :)
The Classic shore wave, based in REAL Mediterranean waves digitally enhanced to retain all their detail and life, inworld.

- Weather Script
A variety of weather settings for user to choose from. Not "random" or "whatever"  BUT, all CAREFULLY selected and patiently FINE-tuned in detail. You don't have to guess or keep trying options, depending on your personal taste you WILL find the perfect fine-tuning for you, fast, and easy (and , we hope, with a smile on your face! )

- As usual, zero lag design.
Amazing 0.001 CPU script time. Lowest possible lag in measurable CPU. Period! ;)

-Natural Motion Flow Dynamics

Previously found embedded in our large ocean waves,
now in Mediterranean 2010 Collection shore waves.

What made Real Waves truly unique, except their real textures, was the chaotic natural flow, recreating a true LIQUIDS movement. This always separated Real Waves from all other competitors with waves spinning like crazy making people dizzy :) Natural Motion Flow Dynamics will now make your shore waves behave like in reality

-Best possible pricing
Typical practice is put sets  boxes, and set a fair price around 15 USD... We thought, to offer each model geometry separately at a really low price, for all those who cannot afford higher prices.  Now, this classic series, offered at -30% discount: Each model is offered separately at a price much less than a buck! Typically, you can be close to perfection, with buying JUST 2 basic geometries, straight and slightly curved in gulf shape. Of course, entire updated collection will be offered boxed, in sets, at TRULY low discount prices :)

In the same series, will continue for next years, 2 models you all loved. The LARGE size simple shore wave, based in Mediterranean V2 texturing and in megaprim. Cheapest , really economic, and although simple, still llovely:

And of course, what was a big revolution a year ago and STILL is!

5 double waves in 1 prim, now updated with the NEW geometries from V3, and based in megaprims for large shoreline coverage with just 1 prim!


View from above, illustration includes avatar for size comparison:


Photo: 1 prim multiple waves size comparison with avatar (the tiny black dot) Location: Our showroom

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Still photography and video, cannot fully describe any 3D product, especially when it comes with interactive scripted functionality and animation, color or other characteristics that changes in time.
Our small videos will give you just a hint of what "does it look like" in 3D viewer

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