Due to the heavy volume of daily transactions in Second Life virtual world, and since this is a live network interlinked environment, sometimes transactions fail.

In rare cases, you may experience a transaction / delivery failure, meaning you may not be able to buy something, or you may buy something but never receive it in your inventory.

If transactions fail and you cannot buy, please check General problems are posted there. Usually all those problems are fixed by Linden Lab technicians within a few hours!
If delivery fails, please send a NOTE CARD inworld to Antreas Alter. Include in the note card the transaction details, as appearing in your transactions page, at the official Second Life , Your account web page:


Date: 09/14/2009 03:49:29
Object Sale
Description: Prim Magic 1 prim FENCE - ASYMMETRICAL
Region: My Paradise
Source: (avatar name)


This way, we can cross check with our own transactions page, and verify Day, Date, Time of purchase, and exact product bought, so we can manually re send you in world the product.

Please allow 48 hours for manual re delivery (usually support for such issues is a lot faster, same day)

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