Prim Magic™ trees

Spring of 2009: A revolution happened in Second Life®

Until that day, 1 sculpted pillow = 1 prim.
As of that day, 1 prim = 8 different sculpted pillows, all fine positioned in their final locations.
The next day brought in life  6 full sculpted palm trees  with organic barks of realistic shapes,
all six trees, complete, in just 2 prims total!

The very first model is still kept for historical reasons, although the technology used in design
was improved and new generations of natural shapes were born in the following months.
Today, 10 different trees with free shapes are hosted in 3 prims, offering the ultimate solution
to all those residents who desire the richest possible content on their lands with prims.

Today, we are using this  design technology,  to bring in life more than 100 separate "pieces"
all using just one prim, and new amazing creations are to be expected in the area of living aka
furniture, houses, building constructions etc. As New products are finished they will be added
in our website, under categories: Living, Furniture and all Prim Magic™ categories of products!

In comparison:
A Prim Magic™ tree is well under 1 prim each, while our classic sculpted trees are 2 prims each
and NaturalMotion™ trees are "primmy" like all flexi trees but also ...alive! :)

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