Christmas day, December 25 2008. The first copy of a new, different ocean wave was in the "lab" for weeks. But, that day, the last sculpt map was uploaded for testing inworld.
And everyone went "wow!..."

Natural Flow Motion Dynamics

When liquids flow (move) no matter what kind of movement that is, it is ruled by specific laws of physics (hydrodynamics). Each and every molecule moving is affected by forces applied by all other molecules nearby, and affects all of them. The foundational axioms of fluid dynamics are the conservation laws: Conservation of mass, conservation of linear momentum (Second Law of Motion), conservation of energy (First Law of Thermodynamics). These refer to classical mechanics but are modified in quantum mechanics and general relativity.

What is embedded is "speed variations at different coordinates" so to speak, and this can be embedded in sculpt map itself!. Initially was embedded in all our large ocean waves, now also in Mediterranean 2010 Collection shore waves. What made Real Waves truly unique, except their real textures, was the chaotic natural flow, recreating a true LIQUIDS movement.

This was always distinguishing Real Waves among all other competitors that offer waves just turning around, spinning like crazy and possibly ...making people ...dizzy! :)

NaturalFlow™ Dynamics
will now make your open sea AND shore waves,
really look like the paradise of your dreams :)

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Videos of Real waves

Still photography and video, cannot fully describe any 3D product, especially when it comes with interactive scripted functionality and animation, color or other characteristics that changes in time.
Our small videos will give you just a hint of what "does it look like" in 3D viewer

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