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Romantic Rocks and Plants RP-Series

Astonishing beauty.

But, "similar" beauty may be found elsewhere. Meanwhile, You are at the website of Real Prims..  not just another website :) ...You can suspect , this, is not just astonishing. Must be something more! Ummmm... Maybe somehting revolutionary? :)

What you see in the photos,
many, different sculpted rocks
of high detail and realism,
several, different plants
and a few flowers,
is built in total 2 prims.

Just 2 prims for the entire set! It is ...unreal how all those rocks, flowers, & different plants were built using just 2 prims!

And, as this was not enough, all this set is built in such a way that can go off sim if you like!

 You can rez on your land and then rotate and move until all this set goes beyond sim limits. You can have this lovely work of nature enhacing your view and not spend a single inch of your available land, as all will be located just outside land sim limits, where the empty open sea is, where normally you cannot build, walk, or rez anything.

Of course, you can place anywhere you want, in your sea, lake, river, garden or just next to your house :)
Built in 2 types, with different themes for you to choose from. In the photos above, it is combined with our newest water effects
"Night Luminati"
  ( final version released September 2009 )

Enjoy :))


Tropical Island TI-Series

Our very simple and economic series, build with one thing in mind: Low prim count.

Photo: Off Sim Set Ti2, Offsim demonstration. Location: My Paradise

All sets in Sim Expand series, are designed in such a way,that can be placed outside your land limits,far away at deep sea, that surrounds your sim, so that it adds an interesting view instead of just water without wasting a single inch from your land. Your entire land remains available to build your house, garden, beach...
How Is This Possible: All pieces in this construction are linked with a primary prim that remains invisible and phantom ( as if not existing at all ) This primary invisible prim is linked in such a way, that remains at your land border, while "pushing" the entire visible parts far away in deep waters, in places you cannot normally build, cannot even walk there ( outside SIM physical limits )

Our best sellers in this series:

The top seller: 2 rocks, island, 10 trees forest, tiki hut construction & the Legendary real waves all in just 9 prims.
Not one tree, not the tiki hut alone, ALL of it, ass seen in picture , including everything and waves :)


Our economic models that will not block your land with tall objects, but will enhance your open sea view. Low prim, low price!

>> Click to Visit Real Waves Main Store ( 3 sims )
You can see exact sim limits, how far away this construction can be placed and the view from the beach, and if this gives you a warm feeling THEN maybe buy :) See, what we are trying to do here is AMAZING and UNREAL prim economy, but this is supposed to happen without loosing beauty :)


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