The Dome Fully Furnished Skybox

A revolutionary new approach in skybox living environment.

Skybox, but, box no more! :)
                    RealPrims is proud to present,

The Dome!

In fully furnished version, included:

5 prim -         The Dome ( Sand, Island, Sky, ) Scripted, multiple sky environments, COPY
1 prim -         Real Water Illusions, by Antreas Alter and Realwaves. The prim water  sea that looks REAL! COPY
7 prim -         Tiki hut complete, scripted, sits many avatars, COPY
5 prim -         Prim Magic Raft, scripted, sits many avatars, COPY
2 prim -         Beach lounge chairs, scripted, animated sits, COPY
NaturalMotion Palm trees set of 4 different trees, COPY or optionally low prim trees
3 prim -         Tiki Bridge construction, COPY
                   Camp fire, scripted, free option

Photo: View from the beach. Bridge, dark tiki lounge chairs, camp fire, environment set: Dusk

Photo: View from the hut. Palm tree, Prim Magic raft , sunset. Environment set: Dusk


Sky Environments

6 different true panoramic 360o sky environments
including all top settling, like sunset dusk, morning, sunny, cloudy, night time.

A revolutionary quality product, that can offer you a private paradise in the sky to live, in just a handful of prims!
Amazing prim economy, amazing beauty.


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