Why Choose Real

What's the difference
between realistic,
super realistic,
super-duper realistic and...

All you have to do, is wear your trekking shoes and explore our 3 SIMS.
You will know what makes all the difference in the world :)

...looks perfect!

Absolute transfer of real world in 3D designed artwork. In simple words, not only far from competition, but also reached total reality. No one, ever, will make something better, simply because there is nothing to do better!
All aspects and detail in design, taken care, before anything released for sale in our sims.

...works perfect!
Low lag ( many thanks Revi for that miracle! ) We all are satisfied that our "SIM3" in example ( My Paradise ) carries 2 THOUSAND of our waves, furniture and other objects, and can still handle a lot of visitors without any lag at all. Overall region CPU resources used from our objects are under 5ms TOTAL, at any given time! Oh.. its an openspace sim , NOT a full normal SIM ;)

...is not expensive!
Yes, we have seen too those cheap imitations with poor textures of blurry foam that spins like crazy making you dizzy :) Allow us to exclude all those from comparison, there is NOTHING to compare! ;) Apart from all this 10L silliness, there are indeed some good creators, and decent competitors. Yes, they are good enough. Maybe they will have to try a bit more, in both reaching total realism, AND, of course, getting close to our lowest possible prices :)
Most of our products are sold in discount packs, in sets. But, also offered desperately, for all those who cannot afford a full pack of 12 different 3D shapes of a shore wave in example, but, want to buy 2 basic shapes and decorate a simple shoreline! ;)

Welcome to Real quality! Join the fun!

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