Real Waves®

Ocean waves

The Legendary Real Waves, model Ocean Wave.

Ocean Waves with NaturalFlow™

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Real Splash™

Splashing Water Spray Effect.
Not yet another splashing effect, but REAL wet look and feel

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Mediterranean V2

Our TOP SELLER shore wave, updated in August 2009!

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Mediterranean V3

Welcome to Collection 2010 , Mediterranean Shore V3

Introducing to Second Life®   a new quality, introducing TOTALLY REAL!

The Most Realistic Reproduction In-World of True Nature.

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Aegean Off Sim waves™

Welcome to Collection 2010 , Aegean Off Sim Waves
Off sim oceanic Waves come with amazing new features and enhancements,
that we hope you will not just find useful but will truly enjoy

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Reefs waves

Dual prim design, one for foam motion and one for water (underneath) animation.

This revolutionary idea was fully developed and released with our 2010 Collection.

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Videos of Real waves

Still photography and video, cannot fully describe any 3D product, especially when it comes with interactive scripted functionality and animation, color or other characteristics that changes in time.
Our small videos will give you just a hint of what "does it look like" in 3D viewer

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