The Dome

A revolutionary new approach in skybox living environment.

Skybox, but, box no more! :)
RealPrims is proud to present,

The Dome!

This is our stand alone version, very economic, included:

4 prim -         The Dome ( Sand, Island, Sky, ) Scripted, multiple sky environments, COPY
1 Prim -         Sculpted Island with walking accuracy design (no walk helper prim needed )
1 prim -         Real Water Illusions, by Antreas Alter and Realwaves. The prim water  sea that looks REAL! COPY
Camp fire, scripted, free option

Photo: View of The Dome environment, with a tiki hut and palm trees. Environment set: Dusk

Photo: The Dome sky and Real Illusions prim water, includes in standalone version Environment set: Dusk


Sky Environments

6 different true panoramic 360o sky environments
including all top settling, like sunset dusk, morning, sunny, cloudy, night time.

Standalone version is suitable for all those already having furniture, want to build another custom house or buy a prefab.
If you desire the complete, furnished version, exactly as shown in our main store showroom, you will find available the complete pack, at a REALLY LOW discount price! All included in COPY versions.

Real Illusions

prim sculpted water
visual effects

Multiple layers of sculpted water, each layer with its own water motion, a different approach in prim (fake) water
...a prim water that looks real! Please visit our showroom inworld and observe the illusion or real moving sea water, its very different form anything you seen so far ;)

Photo: Real Illusions - 1 Prim Sculted Water (trees & furniture, all included in our full furnished Dome version)

Last but not least, the included sculpted sand island has a special design that gives


walking surface

Many thanks to our ...partner in crime and brilliant mind Aleric Inglewood for his studies on this sculpt and allowing the use on this island


You walk on the surface of the island and not a bit higher on the air or legs sink a bit deeper in the sand. And all this without the help of extra invisible prims ( aka walk helpers )   Yes, you can get your feet wet if you walk towards the sea :))

A revolutionary quality product, that can offer you a private paradise in the sky to live, in just a handful of prims!
Amazing prim economy, amazing beauty.


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