Sculpted Palm Trees

The Classic Sculpted, Low Prim trees, just got better!

With a huge variety of different organic, sculpted barks. Many different shapes, like in nature.
You can have on your land 20 trees and all be true, all be real, and all be different to eachother!

The Leaves of course are based in sculpted prims too. But, not the classic "flat surfaces". On the contrary! Another variety of different shapes!
As if tree is moving form the wind, each surface is curved & streched. Each one in a different way!

Textures used are chosen among highest quality imaginary provided by well known image databanks. Only the best of the best! High resolution, crystal sharp, and with the ultimate digital processing so that all this detail is retained inworld!
No more blury textures in closeup view. Not a single innacurate pixel or noise.

Result: The most realistic low prim sculpted trees.

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