A revolutionary animation technology developed for our flexi Real Trees.

As you probably know, there are a ton of scripts out there capable of animating things. Probably you have already seen somewhere one of those tiny animated animals some people wear on their shoulder, some animated larger animals walking around your friends houses, animated dolls etc. Before making up our minds in designing new trees, we have tested some of those scripts for possible application in new generation trees.
All those scripts, certainly animated the trees.

...there were 2 major issues, both equally important.
Those 2 issues delayed the release of new trees for over 2 months.

ONE issue was how the animation could look and be natural. As all those are based on pre-recorded sequences that play over and over again, at some point and after some  time, human eye could spot repeating patterns.
In real nature, there is no such thing as ...repeating patterns of wind blows :)  And as if this was not enough, this kind of scripts, never produced a "smooth" enough transition from frame to frame. At least to our ( demanding? ) eyes...
Nature is random. Chaotic random beauty...  
Conclusion :  Pre-recorded things, was NOT for REAL trees....

SECOND  issue was the increased CPU time ( SIM processing resources) all those  scripts required. Tested and re-tested  several, results were not dramatic, but , as  expected, INCREASED ( in the area of 0.065 per running script ) We thought most people would like to have several of those trees... so , adding  more and more of those scripts running in a SIM would certainly sum up more and more LAG!  Sure its no big deal keeping one animated frog on your land, but 20 trees..  that  could cause a considerable lag issue ...especially if all other people living on the same SIM has the same idea :))

Had to built from scratch a script, that would have 2 distinctive qualities:
1. Imitate the totally random nature of real wind,  NOT "play" prerecorded scenes
2. As our RealWaves, measure in tests the ABSOLUTE minimum CPU usage that can be measured:  0.001 !

Answer, was in simplest math equations! Very proud to say, have achieve both those goals in a simple algorithm!

Of course, what is mainly gained here is the UNREAL 0.001% , meaning NO MEASURABLE SIM SERVER LAG AT ALL, and we am very proud to offer you a technology of THIS quality.

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