New Mediterranean Waves

Welcome to Real Waves
Welcome to Collection 2010 , Mediterranean Shore V3

Introducing to Second Life® a new quality, introducing TOTALLY REAL!

The Most Realistic Reproduction In-World of True Nature.

Collection 2010 comes with amazing new features and enhancements, that we hope you will not just find useful but will truly enjoy!

In Brief, among others:

- New geometries
SEVERAL geometries that will follow YOUR beach shape closely no matter how ...unusual terraforming! Except of the typical straight line shore design, new geometries with various curving from -90 to +90 degrees are available! AND, all models are compatible to each other, meaning you can rez one next to another, slightly overlapping , and create the exact shape of your beach with waves that work as one and will look as one, in perfect sync. Included in the box examples of "s" shape, "u" shape, "o" shape.

-New water and foam shapes and really ...WET textures :)

This time, not only one texture in each wave.
Each wave
now has SETS of shapes. Each set, 3 different textures! At any given time, you see only one of those coming to the shore, while the rest 2 remain hidden. In total, 9 DIFFERENT foam textures in every wave, in sets of 3.

Apart from shape, the new collection as you see looks really "wet".

Both those features, multiple changing textures and wet look of all textures, add the so much needed realism, hard to find in creations ;)

Patient (and a bit experienced) residents, can fine tune the position of waves on their shore, so the edge of the wave "climbs up" a bit on the sand of the land, giving the impression of trully wet sand, without the use of extra "wet sand" prims that will never match seamless to YOUR land and will possibly look ugly ;)

ONE prim , has it all: Multiple, changing waves & trully wet look!

-Texture Sets compatibility with each other!
Means , no matter what texture set you are running in a wave, the foam coming to the shore will be in perfect sync with other waves at the right and left. Choose freely to mix texture sets in your waves and get the ultimate random feeling of True Nature! In example, 3 waves running 3 different texture sets, will offer you 9 DIFFERENT wave foams crushing on your shoreline, ALL in sync! Mix different geometries models ( straight, curved, golf shape, S-shape, U-shape, whatever) and you will see all textures can be in PREFECT sync, no matter model or texture set!

- OFF sim design.
All out new Mediterranean Shore waves, have a special geometry characteristics in their design, that will allow you to use them outside sim limits, in case your "dry" land ends at sim EDGE. You can have the wave rezzed at the edge of your SIM land, and it will spread outside sim, at open sea.


MEDITERRANEAN Wave V3 itself , only ONE prim, has embedded this amazing new feature in its design!

- New Script
Redesigned from scratch with more than 10 menus built in, giving you endless combinations and possibilities.

Not "random" or "whatever" BUT, all CAREFULLY selected and patiently FINE-tuned in detail. You don't have to guess or keep trying options, depending on your personal taste you WILL find the perfect fine-tuning for you, fast, and easy (and , we hope, with a smile on your face! )
Included options that many of you requested, like deactivating menu so you don't click by accident, and re activating only when you need to change something. Also, reset at any time script, or load all default settings that wave had at store, where you first seen it , and hopefully loved it :)

- As usual, zero lag design.
This time, we really mean it! Previous version's amazing 0.001 CPU script time was not enough. In this version, after you have reached with our menu your desired optimal settings, you can safely DELETE the script from wave.

Yes. Delete.


Wave will keep working
at last saved settings, without any script causing the slightest sim-server lag, even though our scripts lag is GUARANTEED 0.00X , meaning , in practice , ZERO :)

Yes, many requested, please don't abuse:) We have worked HARD, for MONTHS, to create for you the TOTALLY Real Wave. Taken care of details you cant imagine. I would hate to see it running with some freebie ugly ...lava texture. We offer the new line of waves all modify, for all those perfectionists, who would desire a bit of tweaking in size, to PERFECTLY fit the angles of their beach line.

-Natural Motion Flow Dynamics

Previously found embedded in our large ocean waves,

now in Mediterranean 2010 Collection shore waves.

What made Real Waves truly unique, except their real textures, was the chaotic natural flow, recreating a true LIQUIDS movement. This always separated Real Waves from all other competitors with waves spinning like crazy making people dizzy :)

Natural Motion Flow Dynamics will now make your shore waves behave like in reality

-Best possible pricing
You have read all the above, now you can suspect: What you just bought, has such details and features in its design, that represents months of work (excluding the photography that involved a trip to the Greek islands and a LOT of patience waiting for the right Mediterranean Sun Light angles AND the right winds... )
Typical practice is put sets boxes, and set a fair price around 15 USD... We thought, to offer each model geometry separately at a really cheap price, for all those who cannot afford higher prices. Each model is offered separately at a price much less than 2 bucks! Typically, you can be close to perfection, with buying JUST 2 basic geometries, straight and slightly curved in gulf shape.
Of course, entire collection will be offered boxed, in complete sets, at really low discount price :)

A wish:

May those fine creations, add a bit of joy, happiness and fulfillment in your everyday experience inworld :)

* Before you buy, see ALL live, in sim setup examples. Feel free to EXPLORE our 3 sims