THE DOME Size & General info

General info

The Dome will offer you a quality living environment up in the sky, that resembles a lot to open space sim land, and does not "look like" a closed box

Entire dome diameter fits in 1/4 of sim size lands, but, as centers of all objects are near, you can rez The Dome on smaller lands at very high altitude, without worrying a prim will have center off your land limits. The dome prims only need a small land like 2000 BUT, of course, the outer perimeter will get inside the next lands. All prims will be in YOUR land, and counting for your land, If you rez at a very high altitude, and people living near you are good people, they will not mind :) After all typically, you do not have anything rezzed on their land, all are inside your own land, it just expands an outer perimeter that will get in their air.

WHY mot make a smaller dome: The size is the minimum needed to give that feeling of OPEN SPACE and not feel like a closed box. If you think that centers of all prims are kept in a very small area, then its the ideal size!

Inside the box, there is one object, its called "The Dome ~ (unfurnished) Rezzer Platform" ,   AND all additional items if you bought the furnished option.

REZZER is a scripted device that can ( and hopefully will) lay  (rez) on your land each and every piece of the entire construction you bought, at their correct positions, so that you don't have to assemble parts  ( i.e. sky, water, island etc.)
All will be positioned on your land with just a click.

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