WAVES How to reset

Once you have all your waves fixed in their final locations, you may want to sync them, so that all hit the shore at the same time.
There is a trick to do that, please follow those simple steps:

1. Right click on a wave, EDIT
2. While in EDIT MODE, hold key SHIFT and click on all other waves to select them all
3. WHILE IN EDIT MODE, and having selected all waves, STILL HOLDING SHIFT KEY, move them all UP (blue axis)
4. Immediately after, let SHIFT key, and hit the DELETE ( Del ) key on your keyboard

That's it.

Explanation (for the curious people lol ) : Step 3, moving them up while holding SHIFT key, will DUPLICATE the waves! Original waves will be moved up, and a duplicate new set of waves will be created on the ground. Those new waves will be in perfect sync! Next step, step 4, will delete the original, old waves that were out of sync, now moved up in the sky.

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